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How to Stay Motivated and Keep Writing – By Laurence MacNaughton…

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on Fiction University:

A lack of motivation is a vicious cyclethe less motivated we are, the worse we feel, which only kills our motivation further.

Like the rough draft of a novel, life doesn’t follow a carefully planned outline. Bad things happen. Circumstances change. Life gets overwhelming. At some point, you may realize that you’ve stopped writing. And the idea of getting started again looms over you like a sheer cliff that’s impossible to climb. How can you ever get motivated to finish that book?

Don’t worry. Every writer has been there, at one point or another. The writers who become successful are the ones who find a way to overcome obstacles and finish their novels. You can be successful too, and here’s how.

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Quick Writing and Editing Tips – Dialogue #Writing #Editing

Alison Williams Writing

  • Be nosy. Listen in to other people’s conversations and make a note of how they speak. You’ll notice elements like contractions (hasn’t, didn’t etc.), figures of speech and turn taking that occur in natural speech.
  • Read your dialogue out loud. This really helps to make sure that it sounds natural rather than forced and contrived.
  • Don’t be too natural though! Your reader doesn’t want to hear all the repetitions and pauses that go along with actual speech. Cut these bits out and get rid of anything that doesn’t add to the plot.
  • Don’t use a variety of dialogue tags. ‘Chuckled’, ‘proclaimed’, ‘bellowed’ etc. just sound as though you’re desperately trying to think of a different word to ‘said’ or asked’. Which you probably are. 
  • Avoid exposition. Although dialogue can be used to reveal information and move the plot along, don’t fall into the trap of having your characters discussing things…

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How to Write Point of View, Part 1, Overview

Story Empire

Pictures of single eyes scattered atop one another and ringed by purple, red, or yellow eye shadow. From Pixabay.
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hi SErs! Harmony here 🙂 Today, I’d like to introduce a series of posts on how to write Point of View (POV).

Below is an overview of the planned post series:

  1. How to Write Point of View, Part 1, Overview
  2. How to Write Point of View, Part 2, First Person
  3. How to Write Point of View, Part 3, Second Person
  4. How to Write Point of View, Part 4, Third Person Limited
  5. How to Write Point of View, Part 5, Third Person Omniscient
  6. How to Write Point of View, Part 6, Common Pitfalls
  7. How to Write Point of View, Part 7, Switching Point of View
  8. How to Write Point of View, Part 8, Choosing Point of View
  9. How to Write Point of View, Part 9, The Unreliable Narrator and POV
  10. How to Write Point of View, Part 10, Choosing Tense
  11. How to Write Point of…

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