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Happy 4th of July

Wishing one and all a very happy Independence Day. Have fun and stay safe as you celebrate.


(All memes found on Pinterest. Fireworks photos are mine.)


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5 things to remember when your writing isn’t going to plan

Uninspired Writers

Writing has its highs and lows. While I’d been doing quite well, my new job has taken over my time hugely, and so my writing isn’t quite going to plan. I’m behind on my self-imposed deadlines, and finding it harder and harder to fit it in day to day. Rather, I squeeze it in at the weekends, alongside all the other things like house work, seeing friends and family, and resting.

I know how common feelings of guilt and doubt are amongst writers, so I wanted to share these 5 things to remember when your writing isn’t going to plan.

It’ll get better
First and foremost; it’ll get better. These times are here to try us, but they don’t last. If you’re committed enough to even feel the guilt and worry when you’re behind on your writing, then you’re committed enough to get back to it and work through the…

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