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This is fun. My birth year yields a lot of different words, like brainiac, gigabyte, electronic mail, blood-and-guts, G-rated, sleep apnea, smashmouth,…

Story Empire

Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you today. Since it’s summer, and a time to be a little more laid-back, I thought we might have a little word fun.

One of my earliest posts for Story Empire was titled “Words – Old and New.” I talked (wrote) about how we’d become more casual in our conversations, using acronyms such as SCOTUS, FLOTUS, and POTUS. I listed some “trending” words, new words, and a few antiquated words. If you’d like to read that post, click here.

Words, type setting

I thought it might be fun to compare new or trending words from 2017 until now. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find links on the Merriam-Webster site. However, I did find something that I thought was both fun and interesting. It’s called Time Traveler.

You can select the year you were born (or any year) to see when words were first used in print. The results might…

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