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Writers – Remember Good Things Grow In Tough Writing Times #MondayBlogs

I have done all sorts of things with tough writing times; experienced them, tweeted about them, written blog posts about them, moaned about them, cried about them, had sleepless nights about them, written lengthy emails to writing friends about them and filled out hundreds of diary pages.

Recently I have seen tough writing times differently. They are not so bad. Once you remove the emotion from challenging writing situations; literary rejection, a shelved draft novel, negative feedback which breaks your heart, a writing competition you didn’t win, a blog post which don’t set the online world on fire, an inability to write anything for weeks, and a beloved main character who beta readers dislike – you will start to see that good things soon start to sprout and grow.

Here are the good things which have grown out of my tough writing times:

Friendship. Some of my best creative…

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Writing Motivation Killers Are Out There – Let’s Discuss Three of Them

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photo of a sign that says up and up and never stop Unsplash photo by Fab Lentz

Hi SEers. John here with you again. I hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to the week. Okay, I know that sounded a little bit desperate but having a post responsibility on a Monday is a little like doing stand-up comedy at an 8:00 AM session of a funeral directors’ convention.

Today I want to talk a bit about our motivation and our writing. No, I’m not going to give tricks on how to motivate the writing experience. I have already done that number. On the contrary, I want to take a few minutes to discuss a few of the motivation killers to become recognizable.

I know we try to convince ourselves that we don’t need the motivation to write. We love doing it so much that all we have to do is sit down at the keyboard, and we…

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