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A Handy Formula for Writing the Perfect Book Blurb – by Lewis Jorstad…

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on The Novel Smithy:

Imagine you’re browsing your favorite bookstore…

After a while, you find a novel you’re interested in. The title is intriguing, and the cover catches your eye—but what next? Well, if you’re like most readers, you’ll flip the book over and read the book’s description. This is that novel’s book blurb, and it’s often the final test readers use to determine if a novel is worth their time.

Because of this, writing a successful book blurb is a critical skill to learn if you plan to self-publish a novel—and also a difficult one to master. Fortunately, rather than having to create your book’s description from scratch, there’s actually a handy formula you can use to write the perfect fiction book blurb!

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