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Hidden Diversity Among Writers

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Hi SE friends! Gwen with you today, and we’re going to explore another element of typology as it relates to writing.

You may recall that my prior two posts focused on Extroversion/Introversion and Sensation/Intuition, per the work of Dr. Carl Jung. Today I will continue that journey by focusing on Jung’s two modes of judging – Thinking and Feeling. If you are unsure of your typology, and if you are interested, you can take the short test provided here. There are longer tests available that are more accurate, but this short one offers plenty of insight.

Let’s begin with a story.

Most of my working years were spent on college campuses. My supervisor at the final institution was a geophysicist with two PhDs. Needless to say, he is a strong Thinker type. I’m a strong Feeler type. It took one meeting with him…

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