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Plot-Driven vs. Character-Driven Fiction

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Hi, SEers! You’re with Mae, and I’m glad you’ve chosen to spend time with me. Today, I’d like to discuss plot-driven fiction vs. character-driven fiction. As writers (and readers) we have preferences, and each style has merit.

Plot Driven
Situations and circumstance take center stage in a plot-driven story. The work is focused on events and happenings more so than the internal struggles of the characters. External conflict is key.

Character Driven
In a character-driven story, plot becomes secondary to the goals and motivations of the characters and character growth throughout the story. Deep POV and inner monologues work well in character driven fiction.

This is not to say that plot-driven fiction doesn’t rely on character development, and vice versa,  only that the primary focus is different.

In a character-driven story, the reader is more likely to form an emotional bond with the protagonist. This is achieved through developing backstory…

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