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Hone – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

He flinched, her words cutting him like a sharply honed blade, and he dropped to his knees under her icy cold stare. He tried to apologize, but the words caught in his throat.

This post is part of the Tuesday Use It In A Sentence prompt, “hone”:


10 Reasons Writers Should Master Grammar – by Melissa Donovan…

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on Writing Forward:

Each writer has a different perspective on how accurate grammar needs to be.

Some are sticklers who insist on adhering to the highest standards of the literary order. Others are comfortable taking creative liberties and believe that breaking the rules is an art unto itself and a practice that should be embraced.

Me? I’m somewhere in the middle. I believe that a writer who is dedicated to the craft will take the time and invest the energy required to master the most basic tools, grammar being foremost among them. But I also believe there are situations in which it’s best to break the rules — as long as you know which rules you’re breaking and why.

Too many times I’ve heard aspiring writers shrug off grammar, saying they’d rather focus on plot or character, they’d prefer to use a natural, unlearned approach to keep the writing raw…

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