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How To Survive Writing Your Weird Story Idea #amwriting

You have no clue where the idea for your latest WIP came from.

When it first materialised inside your head your initial reaction was one of utter shock.

“Oh my goodness, this idea for a (in my case romance) story is weird,” you whispered.

A helpful loved one laughed and made the mistake of saying, “try me…I love weird stuff.”

So, you told them about your bizarre romance plot. Their wide eyes and gaping mouth said a lot.

So did their inability to say anything for five minutes once you had finished.

“But there is something inviting and delicious about about this bizarre romance,” you explained.

Your loved one scratched his head and cast you that familiar odd look. The same one he used to give you when you were belting out your karaoke Cher pop classic or clearing the dance floor at a party with your unique dance moves.

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