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What a Difference A Day Makes – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS


“What a day,” Jimmy grumbled as he plopped down on his couch and leaned back.

Nothing had seemed to go right all day. He was late getting to work, thanks to horrible traffic. Things just seemed to go wrong at work, too, and he wound up getting in trouble with the boss, even though it wasn’t his fault. Then he wound up arguing with his girlfriend after work and he’d just stormed off. To top it off, he got a speeding ticket on his way home. As he sat there on the couch, reliving all the bad things that’d happened, he didn’t think it could get any worse. Then a thunderstorm started up outside and his power went out, and he thought it was just the perfect way to end his day.

He was in such a bad mood, he didn’t even feel like eating dinner. Instead, Jimmy just decided to go to bed early. Even then, he was afraid he wouldn’t sleep good, that he’d be plagued by nightmares. As the thunderstorm continued outside, mirroring the turmoil he felt from his bad day, Jimmy managed to drift off to sleep.

He woke up the next morning, feeling refreshed. He was also surprised to realize he hadn’t had any nightmares. He was still a little hesitant to get up, though, afraid of having another bad day. But as he looked out the window, he saw it was a bright, shiny day. He smiled and found himself in a better mood already. He checked his phone, and found a message from his girlfriend apologizing for the fight they’d had an offering to make it up to him. He also found messages of apology from his work, and a message from an old friend he hadn’t seen in a long time who wanted to meet up.

Jimmy got up from bed and got ready for work, humming a happy little tune as he did so. He felt so much better than he had he day before. “What a difference a day makes,” he thought.

And in case anyone got an earworm from the title, here’s the song:

This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “difference”:

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Reviews of Chronicles of Riss

Recently, my book Chronicles of Riss has been getting some good reviews on Goodreads, and I thought I’d share a few of them with you (I will copy and paste, and link the original page). It currently (as of this posting) has a 4.33-star average rating. You can find all the reviews by clicking the link above.

Reader Molly gives it 5 stars and says:
“Amazing book! The main character Marissa has the best personality. The book talks about her adventures, each chapter is a new and amazing adventure.
It pulled me in from the very first chapter. It so well written and it’s amazing for young adult.
Very easy to read and extremely entertaining”

Reader Uk Eliza gives it 4 stars and says:
“Amazing read!
I couldn’t stop till I finished. Very unique and keeps you wondering what next.
I loved Marissa’s magical adventure and her personality was very refreshing.”

Reader Naj gives it 5 stars and says:
“So I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thanks to the author and BookTasters! So here is my honest review.

This is a great story! It’s about Marisa’s adventure, each chapter tells a great adventure! I haven’t read the first book btw, but I still enjoy this book! it’s a light and fun story!

I don’t have a specific fav character, because all the character has their own unique behavior. even the main character Marisa is not the most likeable character, but she has an interesting way to solve her problem.

I really recommend this book to you who like fantasy stories with a different adventure in each chapter.
This book not really thick, so you can finish it quickly.”

Reader Immortal Writings gives it 4 stars and says:
“Fun. Light. Easy.

Marissa is young and powerful sorceress who is all alone in this world, her only priority is a good meal and bed and for that she will do anything.

This book takes us on a journey of her adventures, they are not inter-related but with every passing adventure we get to know her more. Along with funny sense of humour she is a short-tempered, mischievous girl with a heart of gold.

She has got a bad and dark reputation which she tries to live by proudly, in fact it gives her immense pleasure to be the infamous bandit-trashing, treasure-hunting, mercenary sorceress supreme.

She is ruthless when it comes to punishing the evil or if someone comes between her food. Living with her own rules and laws, young girls can learn a great deal from our courageous sorceress. Her character is well written with some admirable qualities except her temper.

This book is a fun and light read, and I will recommend it to all the young teenage girls.”

Reader Ania gives it 5 stars and says:

“Marissa is a young sorceress supreme who has saved the many people from deadly threats with her courage , bravery and background magic knowledge and she is encouraged by her friend to write down All of the adventures she has had in the past for next generations . So she starts to narrate the stories in the form of 17 missions .

From defeating Diablerio ,an evil Sorceress as she likes to call him who Wants to marry her by force, to chasing after a hidden treasure with the help of the map she bought and thought was of little importance, to defeating interesting monsters throughout the book or saving the world from the God of Evil there is pretty much nth our Sorceress isn’t capable of handling and she takes pride in that . To my suprise she is Perfectly capable of keeping her own against more powerful opponents which is sth to really admire about her .

I really loved how each chapter was about a different mission through a continuous journey.

What made me super emotional though was the ending in which she finished the story by explaining she was needed elsewhere yet she promised us readers that she would narrate more of her past adventures later on. Honestly this didn’t feel like reading a book ,it felt like Marissa was our beloved grandma sitting near the fireplace and us readers around her like children listening to her awesome stories . And I must thank the author for this amazing experience she gifted me with.”

There is also a 5-star rating for Chronicles of Riss on Amazon.

Many thanks to all of the reviewers, and I’m very glad you all enjoyed the book.

You can find Chronicles of Riss on Amazon, just click the book cover image above. Or click here to find it at other places.