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Are You a Disciplined Writer?

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Hi, SEers! Mae here. We think of writing as a creative endeavor—as it certainly is­—but today I want to talk about the discipline of writing.

Many of us have been writing since childhood. That’s not the case for everyone, but my guess is that you can probably relate to what I’m going to say even if you haven’t been writing as long.

creative idea. Concept of idea and innovation, woman at laptop top holding illuminated lightbulb in her handAs young writers, we usually wrote when the mood struck. Inspiration flooded us and we rode the giddy wave of excitement. Most times, however, that wave of creativity didn’t carry us through to the end of our writing project. The tide receded and left us stranded without the drive to finish.

Do you remember the days of hopping from story to story? I certainly do. In my younger years I would work on a story until the well ran dry then shift focus to something new. The problem…

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