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The Signs Your Draft Novel is Trying To Communicate With You #AmWriting #MondayBlogs

To the writer their draft novel is a living thing.It communicates with them regularly, even when they are trying to avoid it. A draft novel senses when the writer is ready to write and it knows when the writer is actively trying to avoid it.

Once you start delving into this strange phenomenon of unspoken communication you will see why a writer’s life is so exhausting.

With so much unspoken communication going on between the writer and their draft novel it’s a wonder the writer has the energy to communicate with fellow humans, let alone write a bestseller.

Here are the signs your draft novel is trying to communicate with you:

The Nudge.The writer receives what can only be described as a mental nudgefrom their draft novel. It normally occurs when the writer is being lazy and the draft novel is getting fed up of waiting around or being…

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