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Hey SE Readers. Joan with you today. I’m going to preface this post by saying I’ve probably made every mistake I mention and then some.

I tend to read with a more critical eye these days. It isn’t intentional, but as a learn more about the craft of writing, I pick up on things in other author’s works. Too bad I’m not good at finding these pesky things in my own writing, but I’m thankful for my critique partners who do.

As writers, we want to draw our readers into the story. Useless words, passive phrases, and what I call crutch words or phrases can distract them.

Before we send anything to beta readers, editors, or critique partners, there are a few simple steps we can take to tighten our writing and eliminate unnecessary words.

Look for “crutch” words or phrases

Crutch words or phrases will differ with every writer…

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Procrastination: Dump Old Myths and Discover a Fun Solution – by Rochelle Melander…

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on Fiction University:

Do you struggle with procrastination?

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of writing a book. You’ve thought about the cover and imagined the content, but you can’t seem to write anything.

You know that you need to revise your book before you can sell it, but you’ve started a new book instead.

You need to approach bloggers about marketing your book, and you write the task on your to-do list every week, but you never do it.

Perhaps you think, I’ll do it when I:

  • have a big block of time
  • know more about the topic
  • feel inspired
  • received more education
  • am closer to the deadline

This is procrastination.

We delay the task we want to or need to do in favor of doing less important work.

People have many beliefs about why people procrastinate. Here are some of the common ones. Perhaps you’ve heard some of them from…

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