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Ten Writing Commandments


Originally published 18/09/2016

I’m in a cliché sort of mood today and since I don’t want to burden thenovel I intend to work on this afternoon with clichés, I’m afraid I’m going to burden youwith them instead. Behold,myTen Writing Commandments,predictably humorously written in a crude approximation of ‘King James English’ and with helpful expositions of each rule.

Most of these rules are as old as the hills and are probably familiar to you. I am not, for one second, claiming tohave invented any of these rules.However, thisisacompilation of ten writing precepts, from a variety of sources, that I have found to be particularly useful to me.I should add thatthe expositionsI have included are allmy own.

So, without further ado…

1. Thou shalt show; thou shalt not tell.

This is what separates quality prose from a technical manual. Allow me to demonstrate with an excerpt…

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