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Is Your Writer’s Block Really Writer’s Indecision? – by Louise Tondeur…

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on Jane Friedman site:

While I was planning my current novel and annotating that plan, I asked myself a series of questions in the annotations. I know I’m not the only one to make notes on a draft in the form of questions, but until recently I wasn’t aware that I was creating problems for myself by not categorizing the questions. (I’m taking part in a coaching program for writers called Dream Author, run by bestselling crime writer Sophie Hannah, and this realization came to me as a result of one of the exercises we did.)

Some questions have to be answered before I can make any progress with a draft. But others are simply the result of indecision; I could simply make up my mind and move on, knowing I can always change my mind later.

Now I am convinced that two things can hold me back (for years…

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Made – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

She stared up at the stars as Carl Sagan’s quote about how we are all made of star stuff ran through her head. A strong sense of longing to be up there among them embraced her, as if she belonged there.

This day-late post is part of the Tuesday Use It In A Sentence prompt, “made”: