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How To Get Attention To Your Writing And Books – by Derek Haines…

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on Just Publishing Advice:

Every writer needs to know how to get attention.

You spend days, weeks, or months writing articles, blog posts, or books.

However, attracting readers to take just a few minutes to read your work is challenging.

In today’s busy online world, capturing people’s attention is always work in progress for a writer.

In This Article

How to attract people’s attention

How to get attention without asking for it
Improve your SEO for articles
Choose better keywords for books
Automate your social media
Don’t forget offline attention

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How To Cheer Up Writer Friends #AmWriting

Writer friends are special human beings. You will not find anyone who understands your creative side as much as they do. You share a different kind of friendship bond with writer friends. These friendships are forged over stinky first drafts, lengthy emails/ texts/ messages about our quirky writing processes, thought-provoking GIFs, shared bestseller daydreams and hilarious tales of our not so perfect writing lives.

So, seeing them struggle with writing can be just as painful as your own writing battles.

You don’t want to see them feel glum about their writing because:

  • You admire their writing talent.
  • You know that writing makes them goofy happy.
  • You know that they have got themselves into a bit of a negative hole and just need to find a way of climbing out of it.
  • They were there for you when you fell into the pit of writer gloom. They pulled you out and…

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