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Black Friday Sale For Chronicles of Riss

Get it while you can!

I’m running a Black Friday sale on my Chronicles of Riss book. From now through Cyber Monday (11/30/20) you can get it on Amazon Kindle for the low, low price of only $0.99!

If you want something fun to escape the pandemic with, or know someone who’d like some light, fun Fantasy adventures, this is for you.

Confronting evil sorcerers. Fighting monsters. Dueling metal golems. Searching for a sea monster. Hunting lost treasure. Finding a missing show dog. Competing in talent contests. Helping lost children. These are just some of the widely varied exploits that the young mercenary sorceress Marissa “Riss” Cobalt shares in this second Adventures in Sorcery book. Riss reveals how she ended up as a mercenary and chronicles some of the many adventures, ranging from fun to serious, that she’s had prior to the events of Kismet and Tell.

Get it now!

And don’t forget about the original Adventures in Sorcery book, Kismet and Tell.

And if you need a fun children’s book for Christmas, why not check out The Little Italian Traveling Chair, and let your child travel the world and adventure with young Luca.

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How To Come Terms With…Your Book Is Not Going To Write Itself 😧 #AmWriting

This is a tough one and can take some writers several years to come to terms with.

You have an unfinished draft novel, sat in a drawer or lounging on top of your writing desk or loitering in your writing file on your computer and the thought of finishing it gives you an uncomfortable gut sensation and you have to reach for another chocolate biscuit to make it go away.

Or, maybe you are like me and are taking part in NaNoWriMo2020 and book writing momentum has sadly left your writer body. After a day off you have fallen behind and the thought of putting in the effort to catch up makes you want to binge watch The Crown on Netflix while flipping oreo biscuits into the air and catching them in your mouth.

The thought of sitting down and ploughing on for another thirty thousand words will not be…

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Another Round of Author Memes

Legends of Windemere

I was going to do something more interesting.  It was going to be about mental health and the current state of things.  Just to think of others.  Then, the week got rough and I didn’t have the mojo to delve that deep.  Couldn’t decide on a poem or a prose post either, so I’m leaving it for another weekend.  Instead, I bring you some funnies (all found by a Yahoo Image Search):

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