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It’s finally here!


Last year I published a review for a book that was very special to me. Not only was it written by my friend the extraordinaryCain S. Latraniit was also a novel that I have enjoyed immensely. The book was calledRise-The War Witch Saga 1and it was an incredibly well written fantasy book that I absolutely loved. In fact the last time I enjoyed a fantasy novel this much was years ago when I was reading the Dragonlance saga and first got introduced to my all time favorite book character Raistlin. Today it’s the 21st of October. It’s a date that might not mean a lot to you, but for a certain author called Cain it’s a very important one. Cain has been through a lot these past couple of years. Most notably the tragic passing of his wife understandably caused him an enormous amount of grief…

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