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5 reasons to follow literary agents on Twitter

Uninspired Writers

Getting an agent is a goal for many writers. And finding the right one is essential. To avoid wasting your time, and theirs, you should only submit to agents who represent your genre and are open to submissions. There are lots of ways you can find out more about agents, to help you make your choice. And if that agent has a Twitter account, be sure to give them a follow. (This is assuming they have a public account with a focus on their work.) Here are five reasons why:

Calls for submissions
Yes, some agents will post calls for submissions. If you are lucky, they’ll even post the kind of book they are looking for or even some of their preferences. This makes sure you are targeting them at a time when they are actively looking, and if your book matches something they’ve asked for, you can mention…

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Things You Should Do With New Story Ideas #AmWriting

I believe brand new story ideas should be handled with care and attention.

Looking back I wish I had read a post like this when I was starting to take my writing seriously. I was so excited with my shiny new story ideas that I wanted to tell everyone I met about them. The trouble with this was that I didn’t realise a new idea is a fragile little thing. In the early days of its existence it’s not strong enough to withstand criticism from others. This scenario would often result in someone picking holes in my idea, my new story idea excitement evaporating and me reaching for my imaginary dustpan and brush to sweep up the remains of my new idea.

I also overlooked and dismissed many new story ideas because I had not thought about them for long enough. New ideas need time. They also should be left…

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