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So what’s the difference between a Myth, a Fairytale, and a Legend? – by Caitlin Hobbs…

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on BookRiot:

I admit I can be a bit of a pedant. It’s not entirely my fault; I come by it naturally, with an English teacher for a mother and the lineage of librarians of which I’m a part. Arguments in my household require citations from reputable sources. I do try to use my tendency for good, more educational uses than the standard “well, actually” killjoy uses. I understand that there is a time and a place, even if I’m really excited to share this bit of fact I have.

But fewer things make my pedantic eye twitch come on stronger than when people get certain folklore terms mixed up. I don’t mean misunderstanding what the Aarne-Thompson index is or getting one specific creature wrong. I mean the basic stuff, like the difference between story types. It’s a small thing, but it’s greatly irritating when I come across a…

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Let’s poke it with a stick

Story Empire

Made it myself. Not accepting commissions at this time.

Hi, Gang. Craig with you today, and we’re going to do something different. I believe that nearly everything can be a case study of sorts. We get bits and bobs from everything we see, hear, observe, but some things like books, television, and films can help us with story structure.

My SE partners are nicer than I am, so I’m the obvious one to write something like this. I’m not heartless, so I’m going to pick on mainstream things for this post. I’d never single out one struggling author.

Today, we’re going to pick on shows from subscription services. You know the ones, original material from places like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and others.

Confession time, I had never binge-watched anything in my life until C-19 showed up to ruin everyone’s year. I’d watched shows on these services, but you…

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