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4 Things A Writer Can Control

K.M. Allan

If life—and more specifically, 2020—has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t have control over everything.

When it comes to writing, control is very much a balancing act. You can control which characters are in your story, but you can’t always control what they want to do (even if you think you can with that plot twist in chapter five). You can also decide to get that story published, but you can’t control the outcome and if it’ll be accepted by agents, publishers or audiences.

With so many outside forces and unknowns messing with what we want to plan as writers, it’s easy to forget what we can control, such as the following…

4 Things A Writer Can Control

The Choice To Write

It might not feel like it when you’re years into a work in progress or just about to start your fifth editing pass, but the choice to…

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What Does Fantasy Get Wrong about Medieval Warfare?

Nicholas C. Rossis

Largely thanks to Tolkien, the fantasy genre consists basically of how we imagine the Medieval times. Readers of this blog will know of my many articles on the Middle Ages and my keen interest in historical accuracy. In the interest of improving our (fantasy) writing, I’m sharing here some great information from Quora on what fantasy often gets wrong about Medieval warfare.


As this is a long post, I will start by summarizing some key points about Medieval warfare (and life in general) here:

  • Spears are awesome. They can even stop cavalry. It was the weapon of choice for centuries.
  • Swords are sidearms, not your main weapon. That’s why they are light – and you don’t need to wind up to swing a sword. Swords cut through technique, not force.
  • If you have to use a sword, use it properly. People used them in techniques like half-swording (holding it…

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