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Special Items: Fantasy

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Hi gang, Craig with you again. In my last post, we talked about special items that you might find in a paranormal tale of some kind. The key involved a list of things to consider when creating an item for your story. Let’s include the list again.

• Enhancing the world you are building.

• Balancing the scale between ultimate power and limitations on usage.

• Resale Value.

• Costuming.

I’m taking on one of the biggest genres today, fantasy. This field is so big that I can’t cover everything. It includes urban fantasy, Greco-Roman, medieval, and about a billion other things.

We’re going to have to paint with a broad brush today, and it’s up to you to formulate my suggestions into your fantasy world…or not. These aren’t rules, they’re merely things to consider.

I also have to limit these magical items to things you can carry with you…

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