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Writers and Cats #BlackCatAppreciationDay


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Hi, SEers! Mae here with something a little different—today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Many of my blogging friends know I have a black rescue cat named Raven. In honor of Raven, all the cats, dogs, and other pets who have writer parents, I thought it would be fun to share about the furry friends who keep us company when we’re working on our craft.

Whether I’m jotting story notes, drafting, or editing, Raven is usually camped out at my desk. When she was a kitten, I had a small desktop bed for her. Now, I convert a drawer into a bed. She has a soft, fluffy blanket covered with cats to ensure she’s comfy (photos below).  If I’m on the couch with my Macbook, she often tries to lay in my lap while I’m typing—not ideal, but I know her cuddling will eventually give way to her curling up…

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