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Find Your Writing Mojo By Writing a Short Story #Writer

You have been working at the literary coalface for months. Your latest draft novel has taken far longer than you expected.

At times working on your draft novel has felt more like going to war than embarking on a wonderful journey of creative discovery.

You know far too much about your characters and after spending an unhealthy amount of time together, you know a break from them could not come sooner.

Weary and suffering from novel-writing fatigue you put your latest draft away and then dive into another draft. The draft novel production line must keep going. *Exhausted face*

But things don’t feel right.

Your writing mojo has left the building.You feel sluggish and writer friends comment on how you appear to be lacking your creative spark.

A magical person on Twitter tweets about how energised they now feel after working on a short story.

You stare at the word,

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