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7 Tips to Using Curses in Fiction: Eye of Newt Can Expire

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Legends of Windemere

Curses can have a lot of pitfalls when you use them.  Have they been done already and in the same fashion?  Do they have a purpose in the story beyond window dressing or a comical reaction?  Is it really a hindrance?  Plenty of questions to consider, so let’s see if we can clear any of those up.

  1. Curses need to have a downside even if the character has figured out a way to use it in a positive way.  These are supposed to be the opposite of helpful spells, which means harm was intended.  It could be the threat of a social incident or a physical malady under certain situations, but you need it to be bad for the curse to have any type of impact.  Otherwise, it comes off as a blessing and there is no reason to have it removed or complain about it at all.  Why even…

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