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5 writing quotes to inspire and encourage you

Uninspired Writers

I love a great quote. I always have. Quotes from books and movies, quotes from inspirational people…anything! I think most writers feel the same. We have a love of words, and little brings us more joy than seeing words arranged into such a sentence that moves you.

Of course, quotes about writing resonate on a particular level with me. So I thought I’d share the 5 that I always come back to time and time again.

“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shovelling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” – ― Shannon Hale

I adore this quote. Writing a first draft is difficult, and it’s easy to let doubt halt your progress. But when you allow yourself to write badly, to shovel sand, you will get the basic down. And from there, you can build on the story and make…

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Writing a Book & Being in a Relationship – The Similarities #AmWriting

A few days ago I was reading an article about the 5 stages of relationships. This is how us romance authors like to roll in our spare time. I was supposed to be thinking about constructing fictional relationships but by the end of the article I was telling my uninterested loved ones, (who now can’t avoid my ramblings due to lockdown) about how writing a book is very similar to being in a relationship.

I’d like to say my lightbulb moment produced a thought-provoking discussion over the family dinner table that night but sadly all I got was a few grunts and a teenager muttering something under their breath.

So, here are my similarities:

The Honeymoon Phase.

This is the first stage of your new relationship. It’s complete euphoria.You’re falling in love with this new person in your life. Everything is perfect – from your first kiss to the bolts…

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