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10 Different Writer Reactions To The Question – ‘How is Your Book Coming Along?’ #Writer

I’m feeling more like #6 at the moment.

Lucy Mitchell

I love this question – how’s your book coming along?

My reaction to this simple question can change daily, sometimes hourly.

Here are 10 different writer reactions to that question.

They are a mixture of some of the reactions I have overheard during my time as a writer and my own. I will let you work out which are mine 🤣

1.’Great thanks!’ Beaming smile and twinkling eyes. All is well in Writing Land.

2. Awkward silence on the writer’s part. There are no words to describe how that book is coming along.

3. ‘I will let you know when it’s finished. Lovely weather we’re having at the moment – don’t you think?’ Writer uses clever distraction technique.

4. ‘It’s NOT coming along,’ snaps the writer, with bulldog chewing a thistleexpression on face. ‘It’s about a musician and Ikeep spelling the word rhythm wrong.You wouldn’tbelieve the…

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