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Signs of the times — National Library Week edition


Intimate – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

After a nice, intimate dinner at an upscale restaurant, he took her to an intimate location in the park, far away from any crowds, where he dropped to one knee and held out a ring. Her gasp of surprise and huge smile after his question was enough to intimate her acceptance.



This post is part of the Tuesday Use It In A Sentence prompt, “intimate”:

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150+ Writing Quotes to Help You During Every Stage of Writing – from Reedsy…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

When you’re feeling stuck on your novel, an important thing to remember is that we’ve all been there in the past. That’s right — even the J.K Rowling’s and Ernest Hemingway’s of this world. Which is why it’s always a great idea to turn to your most famous peers (and their writing quotes) for inspiration.

This is what this post is all about: a fountain of writing wisdom. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, writing tips, or are just curious about what your favorite author has to say about the craft of writing, we hope that these words from the masters of our craft are beacons of light for anyone on a similar path.

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Host – Tuesday Use It In A Sentence #tuesdayuseitinasentence

Alan stood on the stage and stared out at the host of revelers who’d come out for the party. Once again he wondered why he’d agreed to host the huge shindig and idly wondered if he’d inadvertently become host to a parasite that’d made its home in his brain and affected his decision-making skills.



This post is part of the Tuesday Use It In A Sentence prompt, “host”:

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#MondayMeme – #MondayBlogs

The Write Stuff

A lot is happening around here at present–will fill you in on details in another post–so I’m keeping it short today. But I hope you’ll enjoy this one, anyway. I sure did, since it says something about being careful with punctuation, AND about the way men and women can look at the same thing, and interpret it so very differently!

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