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Job Description – The Writer’s Pet #Writers #WritingCommunity


On those gloomy writing days when it feels like the world has turned away from our stories, we can always rely on our pets to make us smile again.

Pets play an important role in the life of a writer. They use the magical power of animal love to soothe our anxious writer brains. Unlike some human family members, who are too busy watching sport or having a teenage meltdown, our pets are always on hand to give us a wet kiss, a sniff, a lick or a lap cuddle after a rejection or a bad writing day.

So, I have given some thought to the job description for a writer’s pet. Here goes:

Vacancy For A Writer’s Pet.

About The Role:

Animal needed to provide long-term emotional and creative support to a writer.


Can vary each week. Dependent upon a number of factors:

  • The writer’s feelings towards their…

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