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Any Means Necessary – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS




Ian heaved a sigh. “There no help for it,” he said as he slumped in his desk chair and frowned at the papers spread out in front of him.

“What do you mean?” asked his roommate, Charlie, as he entered the living room and took a seat on the couch. He picked up the TV remote and switched it on.

“What do you think I mean, Charlie,” replied Ian, as he turned in his chair to face his friend. “The ring, of course.”

“The ring?” said Charlie, who was watching the show on TV, with his attention only half on Ian.

“Yes, the ring.”

“What ring? Oh! That ring! So, what about it again?”

“I want to get it for Liz and surprise her with it on her birthday. But it’s in a little over two weeks and I’ve been trying to figure out how I can afford to get it in such a short amount of time.”

“Are you even sure she’ll accept it?”

“Of course I am! I wouldn’t be racking my brain like this for such an expensive ring if I wasn’t sure she’d say ‘yes’, Charlie!”

“Okay! Okay! So how’re going to get it, then?”

“By any means necessary.”

“And that means?”

Ian picked up a pen and a newspaper from his desk. “Searching the want ads,” he replied sadly.

A desperate Ian got to work going through and circling Help Wanted posts.

This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “mean(s)”

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 10/18