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Fireworks – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS


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Ellie and Jacen stood on the beach, watching the fireworks light up the night sky in celebration of the 4th of July. The bright colors bursting overhead and raining down were magical and breathtaking.  All around them, barely heard over the loud explosions of the fireworks going off, were the “Ooooh”s and “Ahhh”s of the large crowd of spectators.

As the grand finale of the fireworks show began, Jacen tapped Ellie on the shoulder. When she turned to look at him, he dropped to one knee on the sand, reached into a pocket, and pulled out a small velvet box, which he opened to her startled gasp. The sound of the fireworks almost drowned out his voice when he asked,



“Will you marry me?” Ellie said.

On the other side of the coffee shop table, her friends Emma and Jennie gasped.

“He did?” Emma asked

“He really asked you?” Jennie added.

Ellie nodded. “I could barely hear him over the fireworks. But he did. He asked me!”

“What did you say?” Emma said, the cup of coffee in her hand totally forgotten.

“I said yes, of course!”

Jennie set her cup of coffee down and asked, “Can we see the ring?”

Ellie held out her hand and Emma and Jennie leaned over to get a good look at the diamond ring.

“Ooooh!” said Emma with slight jealousy.

“Aahh!” Jennie said appreciatively.

After a minute, the two girls settled back in the seats.

“I bet the two of you celebrated with your own fireworks after you got home,” Emma said with a wink.

Jennie elbowed Emma in the ribs as Ellie blushed slightly, then the three girls laughed and resumed their usual chitchat.





This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “oooh, ahhh”:

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