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Intergalactic Nonsense – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS



The intercom buzzed on the bridge. Captain Hastings pressed the button on the arm of his command chair and answered, “Hastings here.”

A frantic voice replied, “Jennings here, sir. We need you come down to the galley right away.”

“What’s wrong?”

“The ambassadors and delegates from Xenos and Alberacht are arguing, and it’s about to break out into an all-out fight. If they do, it’ll become one heck of an intergalactic incident.”

Hastings and his first officer, Evans, exchanged a glance. “We’ll be right there.” He pressed another button. “Security, this is Hastings. Send a team to meet me at the galley, right away.”

Hastings and Evans hurried to from the bridge and took the transport tube to down three levels. They ran down the corridor and met the security team outside the galley. When they entered, they came to an abrupt stop, stunned by the sight that greeted them.

“What in the world?” said Hasting.

“Interesting,” said Evans. “I’ve always heard of this, but never thought I’d see one.”

In the middle of the dining area, the argument between the delegations from the planets Xenos and Alberacht had escalated into a fight, but instead of fists being thrown, it was food being thrown.

“I believe this may well be the first intergalactic food fight in history, Captain,” Evans said, ducking a stray cream pie that came flying towards him. It hit the face of the security team member standing behind him.

“What do you suggest we do, Evans?” Hastings asked. “Should we intervene?”

Evans took a pie from a nearby table. “Intervene if you want. I’m joining in!” He tossed the pie towards the nearest food fighter.

Hastings shook his head. “They never prepared me for something like this at the Academy,” he muttered.


This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “inter-“:

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