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What’s Your Spirit Animal?

I’m thinking Wolf or Tiger for myself. What about you? Which do you think fits you?

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A spirit animal is a representation of different characteristics and skills. I like to explore this type of mythology because I find it very uprising when you can refer to yourself through an animal like a panther which symbolizes astral travel, reclaiming your power and guardian energy. Spirit animals can be used as motivation in everyday life by you trying to live up to your animals meanings and prove them to be correct. I’ve researched this list of animals with their significance so you too can find your spirit animal! Comment below which animal represents you.

thumb-1920-242394.jpg Strength, Courage and Leadership

5904ff51a14730e3f4f26eeb65aab300.gif Fun, High Spirit, Intelligent, Witty and Loyal

36722647-dolphin-image Inner Strength, Protection, Peace and Playfulness

European grey wolf Sharp Intelligence, Instincts, Freedom, Loyalty and Inner Strength

ay6n9t Wisdom, Intuition, Positive Change and Empathetic

elephant_grass_walk_large_36034_1920x1080 Luck, Fortune, Strength, Honor and Patience

m3oadrd Balance, Power, Freedom, Nobility and Grace

background-of-a-big-bear-standing-up-in-the-river-hd-bear-wallpaper Bravery, Sovereignty, Benevolence, Confidence and Standing Against Adversity

hd-wallpapers-1080p-tiger-0 Passion, Will Power, Courage, Unpredictability In…

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