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Ho-hum – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS



“Ho-hum,” Brittany  sighed as she shut her office door, settled into the chair behind her desk, and turned on her computer. “Here we go again. Yet another boring day at work at the office.”

As she began typing away at the computer keyboard, one floor down from her office, in the communal copy room, two of the Xerox copiers and three printers began to smoke. The machines began to go haywire and sheets of paper began shooting out speedily. The employees who were using the machines yelled and ran out of the room to find help.

In a bathroom two floors below Brittany’s office, an employee was washing her hands when the sink faucet broke off in her hand and water began spraying everywhere.She ran out of the bathroom, soaked and screaming.

Outside, sirens sounded as police cars pulled up to the bank across the street from Brittany’s office building. Two police officers got out of one of the cars and began chasing after a masked man running down the street with a burlap sack in hand.

On the opposite street, a building had caught fire and firemen struggled to not only put out the fire, but to also rescue a man who was stuck in the room on the third floor.

Brittany, who was shut up in her soundproof office, leaned back in her chair, stretched, and yawned. “Oh, man, I’m bored. How I wish something exciting would happen for a change.” She pressed a button on her intercom. “Janet, bring me a cup of coffee, please. And clear my schedule this afternoon. I think I’m going to go out for lunch and do a little shopping.”

This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “ho”:

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