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Accumulate – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS



Dawn and Carrie entered the little thrift store and began browsing around. As they flipped through the racks of clothes, Dawn noticed Carrie draping shirts and skirts over her arm. Within moments, she had about ten items already picked out and they’d only just started.

“Really, Carrie,” Dawn said with a glance at all the clothes. “Do you honestly need to get all of those?”

Carrie shrugged. “They’re really cute and the prices are a steal.”

“Yes, I know that. But honestly, have you taken a good look at your closet lately? You’ve got a ton of clothes already that you don’t even wear.”

“I’ll wear them. I just haven’t had a chance to yet. There’ve been no parties for me to wear a fancy dress to yet. And I’ve not been on a date in a while yet, so I’ve not had to dress up to go out.”

“Fair enough. But what about the others?”

Carrie shrugged and muttered, “Eventually,” and wandered off to look at other things in the store. Dawn sighed and continued browsing the clothes rack.

When they left, Dawn had only picked out a couple pieces of clothing and a book to buy, but Carrie had two large bags worth of things to take home.

Dawn dropped Carrie off at her house, and was going to go on back to her own house but Carrie invited her in for a snack first, as thanks for taking her shopping. Dawn agreed and followed her friend inside.

As Carrie went upstairs to take her new purchases to her room, Dawn wandered around the living room and glanced into the den and dining room. She had never had a chance to take a good look around Carrie’s house before, having only been in her bedroom a couple of times to help her pick out an outfit to wear before they’d go out on the town for a girls’ night out. Dawn marvelled at all the knickknacks, whatnots, books, and other things sitting all around on shelves, curio cabinets, and on table tops. Just about every open space had a least one thing or another sitting on it. Even some empty spots on the floor next to some pieces of furniture had stuff stuck in it. And none of the things really looked like as if it would be all that valuable. Dawn would admit that some of the pieces were kind of cute or somewhat pretty, but practically everything that she saw was…junk.

She took a peek into some of the small downstairs closets and found them full of boxes of more items. A peek into the downstairs guest room showed it was filled with more boxes and junk littering the floor and furniture. She had a feeling the unused rooms upstairs would look about the same.

“How in the world can someone manage to accumulate so much junk?” Dawn wondered to herself with a shake of her head. “And why would they want it all?” She pulled out her cell phone and muttered “What’s the number for Hoarders?” as she started to look it up on the phone’s browser. But when she heard Carrie head back downstairs, she quickly put the phone up and sat back down on the couch to pretend she’d not been looking around.

“Ready for a snack?” Carrie asked as she entered the living room.

“Sure,” Dawn said, wondering if she should mention her thoughts on starting an intervention to help her friend with her accumulation problem.

This post is part of the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, “accumulate”:

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