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No makeup – One-liner Wednesday #1linerWeds

So, I was out shopping over the weekend with my mom. We had been rushing a little to leave the house to get a start on our shopping trip, so she had forgotten to put on lipstick or fix her hair . Usually we don’t run into people she knows that often when we’re out, and if we do it’s maybe one person and she usually at least has lipstick on, so she didn’t think much of it until we happened to run into like 3 different people from her church during our outing. After the third person, she realized she hadn’t fixed herself up and commented on the fact to me. The first thing to come to my mind was this, which I’d seen on Facebook a few times:


“You look great when you go out, but don’t see anyone you know. You have on sweats, no makeup, and messy hair, and suddenly it’s a reunion.”

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