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Michael Bolton, Percy Sledge, & Al Bundy


A little something funny that happened at work today:

I was working in a room with two of my co-workers when the song When A Man Loves A Woman came on the radio. My one co-worker, an older man, comments “That doesn’t sound like Percy Sledge.”

And my other coworker, a middle-aged black lady, agreed. I told them it wasn’t Percy, that it was Michael Bolton.


My female co-worker asked my other co-worker what songs Michael Bolton sang, since she’d only heard his name and never heard any of his songs, and he told her he didn’t know but that I might know.

I told them I hadn’t heard Michael Bolton songs in a long time, and drew a blank as I tried to think of some. So as I grabbed my phone to look it up, I mentioned that I used to like to listen to Michael Bolton but now whenever I even hear his name, all I can think of is Al Bundy from Married…With Children.

(try to ignore the dub-over)

(There’s also a jab a Michael Bolton in this episode, and many more episodes)


My co-workers got a good laugh from my comment.

I’ve noticed how a lot of times, a song or something a can be used in a tv show or movie, and though I might be familiar with it already, after seeing the show or movie, that’s the first thing to come to my mind whenever I hear it afterwards. Does that ever happen to you?