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What do we do now? (untitled story part 8) – Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

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“What do we do now, Lucy?” Mike Evans asked his partner as they sat at a table at a diner near the police station. “We don’t really have many leads. The neighbors all say the saw nothing, and the surveillance camera photo was too blurry for a positive ID of the man in a hoodie. All we know is that it wasn’t Jared Martin.”

“I know, Mike,” Lucy said, setting down her sandwich to take a sip of her Pepsi. “This is turning into quite a stickler of a case. What do you think we should do? Go back and look over the crime scene again?”

“We could dot that, I suppose. But I don’t know that we would find much more than the CSIs have already found. Maybe we should take another look at the anonymous call that sent us to that house in the first place, telling us that Jared Martin had been hiding out at that house.”

“Not a bad idea, Mike. I think the call was recorded. Maybe it could be analyzed to see if the voice could tell us anything. But that’s still something for the lab techs to do. We need to do something ourselves, or the captain will have our hides.”

Mike nodded. “I guess that only leaves us with the option of looking over the crime scene again.”

“That’s what I thought.” Lucy sighed and set down the last bite of her sandwich. “I think the CSIs are done with the scene for now, anyway. So let’s head back and take a look around. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find something they missed. Or if we’re really lucky, the old adage will prove true and the criminal will return to the scene of the crime.”

“We can only hope he’s stupid enough.”

Detective Lucy Johnson and her partner left the diner to return to the scene of the grizzly double murder, Mike making a call along the way to ask to have the recording of the anonymous phone tip analyzed.

When they arrived at the house, it was taped up in yellow crime scene tape. Lucy pulled the tape away from the door and she and Mike entered the house.

Across the street, sitting in a car parked a couple of houses away, a man in a hoodie watched them with a frown.



This post is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday:

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Jan. 16/16


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