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Favorite Christmas Books

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A lot of people talk about their favorite Christmas movies at this time of year. I know I have a lot of movies and tv specials I like to watch to get myself in the Christmas spirit in the weeks leading up to Christmas. But what about Christmas books? Are there any books you like to read to get you in the Christmas spirit? I have a few favorites I enjoy reading when I can to get in the Christmas mood.

A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens

This is a classic for a reason. I love this story of redemption. I also love watching many of the various movie versions of it, such as the one with Patrick Stewart, as well as Alastair Simm. And the Muppets version is funny 🙂 But as usually happens, I like the book better.

The Christmas Shoes – Donna VanLiere

You’ve probably heard the song by New Song, or seen the movie. But this book (and the whole Christmas Hope series) is great. This book was based on the song, and tells the story of a young boy whose mother is dying of cancer,  and a lawyer whose family life is falling apart, and the chance meeting on Christmas Eve between them that changes the lawyer’s life. This book made me cry. The other books in the series are great as well.

Skipping Christmas  – John Grisham

I know the movie Christmas with the Kranks had some mixed reviews. I rather enjoyed it and like to watch it every year. But I enjoyed the book much more. Skipping Christmas to save money to go on a cruise is really a hairbrained scheme, and it’s hilarious seeing all they try to do to pull it off, only to have their plans backfire at the last moment.

The Nine Lives of Christmas – Sheila Roberts

I first read this book last year, and it instantly became a favorite. It’s a sweet and funny little holiday romance story in which a cat tries his best to bring his fireman owner together with a sweet but shy girl they meet in a pet shop. And having it told from the perspective of the cat, Ambrose, is icing on the cake. (A book involving a cat – any wonder it’s a favorite? 😉 )

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever – Barbara Robinson

Ok, so this is a children’s book. Sue me. It was one of my favorites when I was a kid, and I still enjoy going back and reading it once in a while. It brings back nice memories, and the book is funny! The worst kids in the community decide to take over the annual Christmas pageant (and they’re not even familiar with the Christmas story) and hilarity ensues!


So, those are some of my favorite Christmas books. What are some of yours?


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