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Indubitably (untitled story part 6) – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (In-)


“You’re sure?”

“Indubitably”, the old lady said with a curt nod as she stood in her doorway in her dressing gown.

“What?” Mike Evans said. “What’s that?”

Detective Lucy Johnson cast her partner a glance and gave her head a small shake. “Really, Mike? You’ve never heard that word before?”


Lucy rolled her eyes. “I need to get you reading more. It means ‘undoubtedly’, just so you know. In case you ever come across it again.” She turned her attention back to the old lady. “So, ma’am, let me get this straight. You’re saying you haven’t seen or heard anything suspicious from next door at all today?”

“That’s right. I’ve been home all day, watching the television. I love to watch the game shows and the daytime stories, you know. Never miss them if I can help it.”

“So you didn’t notice anyone strange go inside next door, or any strange noises.”

“Nothing until all the sirens and such a little while ago.” She shook her head. “Such a shame what happened. They were such nice, quiet people.”

“Well, if you think of anything, please let us know,” Mike told her, handing her a business card.

“I’ll do that,” she said, taking the card and sticking it in a pocket of her dressing gown. “I hope you find whoever did it.”

Lucy and Mike thanked her, then turned and left.

“I can’t believe we’ve checked every neighboring house, and no one’s noticed anything,” Mike said as they walked back down the sidewalk.

“I know. But let’s keep checking. Someone around here has to have noticed something.”



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