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Positive Changes

I seem to recall some sort of saying about how when you start making positive changes in your life, more will soon follow. Well, you might recall how I started using the Wii Fit a few weeks ago to try to start losing weight. To date, it says I’ve lost about 6 pounds. But more to the point, about a week after I started using the Wii Fit, I met a guy (actually one of the maintenance workers at my apartment complex). We talked for a few minutes while he was doing some work on my A/C unit. He noticed the Celtic cross necklace I was wearing, asked me about it, and showed me his Celtic cross tattoo and shamrock charm necklace. Well, anyway, he seemed to take a liking to me and asked me out to dinner. I thought he seemed rather nice, and he also likes Ireland/Irish stuff, so I said yes. We’ll being going to brunch tomorrow for our first date.

So it does seem like that the saying about positive changes might be true. I sure hope it is. There are a few more positive changes I’d like to happen, too.


First of all (untitled story part 4) – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (ordinal number)





“First of all, Detective Johnson,” he told Lucy angrily from behind his desk, “you should have gotten my permission to follow up on that tip instead of rushing over there.”

“But, Captain,” Lucy tried to interject, but the scowl on the gruff old man’s face made her bite her tongue.

“Second,” he continued, ” you should have known better than to go traipsing around a crime scene until it’d be cleared by forensics.”

Beside Lucy, Mike Evans cast her an “I told you so” look. She cast her partner a look that clearly said “don’t you dare” in return.

“And did you find anything during your little impromptu search?” added the captain snidely to his tirade. “No, you didn’t.” He sighed and shook his head slightly. “What am I going to do with you, Detective? This isn’t the first time you’ve flaunted regulations like this. I probably should discipline you somehow, but-”

The captain trailed off as his office door banged open and a lab tech came hurrying in with a manila folder in hand. “Sir,” he said excitedly. “You have to see what we found at the scene!”




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