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200 – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (average)


I wasn’t sure what I could do for today’s prompt of “average”, but after working out on my Wii Fit, I had a small idea. I’ve been using the Wii Fit for about 2 weeks now, I think. According to it, I’ve lost probably 4 to 5 pounds, give or take. It depends on when I do my body test to check my progress. It recommends I do it about the same time every day, since a person’s weight fluctuates during the day. There’s been a few times when I’ve done it later in the day, and it’ll say I’ve gained a pound or something. Anyway, back to the “average” prompt. Earlier this week, the Wii Fit set me a daily calorie goal to help me reach my set weight loss goal. It wants me to try to burn 460 calories a day. That’s pretty tough for me to reach most days, since I’m so busy with other things. I did meet it the other day, but it took me about an hour or so of using the Wii Fit (2 half-hour sessions) plus what my meter said I burned during the day. I have trouble finding an hour or so in the evenings to spend on it. Typically, if I’m lucky, I can get an average of 30 minutes worked out on the Wii Fit and average about 200 – 300 calories burned a day. That’s better than nothing, I know. But it would be nice if I could meet that 460 goal more often.

I wonder how long I’ll keep this up, though. I didn’t do too well with my 300-word daily goal I’d set for myself, after all.



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