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Let’s get fit with the Wii Fit U

Ok. So I just got myself a new toy – a Wii Fit U, with a fitness meter. For those who don’t know, it’s a fitness “game” for the Nintendo Wii U system. It has a fitness meter that you clip to your waist and wear throughout the day and will keep track of your steps, calories burned, and altitude. You can sync it to the Wii Fit software later and it will add the info to your profile. The software itself will keep track of your weight, calories, etc., and provides you with a variety of activities to help you exercise, including different types of yoga, strength training, balance, aerobics, and dance. You can set a goal for how much you want to lose, and change the goal whenever you want. And you can pick a trainer to help you with some of the exercises.

I just set it up a few minutes ago, setting up my profile and syncing the fitness meter, and tried out a couple things real quick just to see how it would work. I tried a couple of the yoga things, and a hula hoop exercise and burned 28 calories.

From just the quick tryout, it seems like it will be a fun program and I think it will help me get in shape, which is what I was looking for.