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100 Followers! Thank You

Wow! I just noticed that I now have over 100 followers on here, and have gotten over 500 likes! Thank you! For only having been on here for a couple months or so (since mid-June), I don’t think that’s too bad at all. Again, thank you, everyone 🙂


To Read or Re-read? – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (re-)


I just finished reading the most current book in a series (House of Hades, in the Heroes of Olympus series), and find myself having to wait until next month for the next (and final) book, which I hate (and something I’m sure all you other bookworms out there are quite familiar with). In the meantime, I am left to decide what to read next while I wait. Should I go back to one of the books on my table that I haven’t finished reading yet? Or start a new book? I have a ton of books just sitting around unopened, after all, just waiting to be read. Or should I just go back and re-read something? I’m kind of hesitant to start something new while waiting, unless it’s a stand-alone book and not part of a series. I might be better off going back and re-reading something instead, something already familiar to me and so will be easy to put aside when the new book arrives. Hm. Well, there are a few books I’ve kind of been wanting to re-read again. Like the Dresden Files. And Harry Potter. Hm. Harry Potter sounds good. Maybe I’ll do that. It’s been a good while since I’ve read them. This will be, what, the sixth time through? Something like that.



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