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So, I got a new deck of tarot cards over the weekend, a cat-themed deck. I haven’t played with tarot cards in a good long while (at least a year or so), and I tried them out yesterday morning and again this morning, doing a small, 3-card daily read to see how my day would go. I have a deck that I used before that I really like, with the instruction booklet from a different deck stuck with them because I liked the way if gave the meanings for the cards and had an interesting diagram for a spread in it. That deck is where I learned about the 3-card spread for a daily reading for the day.  As it turns out, I have forgotten where I stuck that deck 😦 I looked for it over the weekend, to no avail. I’ll have to do a thorough search later, maybe this weekend. As much as I liked using that deck, I know I wouldn’t have gotten rid of it, so it has to be around here somewhere.

So since I can’t find that deck and instruction booklet, I’m having to try to remember on my own. I did find an instruction booklet in another of my tarot decks that’s similar to the one I can’t find. I like it better than the one that came with the new deck, which only gives one short line of a meaning instead of multiple suggestions and no meaning for reversed cards.

I think I must really be rusty at this, since this is what I ended up with for the two readings I did:


Yesterday’s reading (using the booklet that came with the new deck):

morning: 8 of Swords = a precarious situation  – didn’t happen (which is good)

afternoon: 7 of Swords = someone has taken something – didn’t happen (which is good)

evening: 9 of Pentacles = accomplishment – I managed to get 150 words written in my book


This morning’s reading (the booklet from a different deck/booklet that came with deck):

morning: 10 of Swords =trouble, misfortune, disappointment, etc./surrender to unpleasant circumstances – didn’t happen

afternoon: Knight of Swords = bravery, skill, heroic action, etc./someone who acts decisively – didn’t happen (that I can tell)

evening: 7 of Swords = new plans, hope, partial success, confidence, perseverance, etc./someone has taken something – so far, no


I wonder why I kept drawing Swords :/  And it’s weird how all the cards have similar meanings between the two decks except for the 7 of Swords (that I’ve noticed so far, at least).

Anyway, as I said, I think I must be rusty. I’ll have to keep practicing and work on breaking in this new deck. On the plus side, I’ve realized I’ve missed playing with tarot cards 🙂











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You love me.... as long as Jen keeps getting great photos of me that pull on your heartstrings. You love me…. as long as Jen keeps getting great photos of me that pull on your heartstrings.

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