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Using dreams as story ideas

Very rarely do I have nightmares. For the most part, I tend to have weird, involved dreams (at least those that I remember are). A while back I had a long, involved dream that was sort of like a zombie survival movie, only everyone was trying to getting away from killer rabbits instead of zombies. (Afterwards, I had an urge to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail again, but I don’t think that’s what the dream was trying to tell me.) And the other night, I had a dream that seemed to be based on Chronicles of Narnia (I was supposedly Lucy, I think), but it was more like Harry Potter in that I and another person were fighting a bad guy by using magic, only I couldn’t find the piece of paper my incantations were written on.


Many times I find myself wishing I could remember more details of these sorts of dreams, as I always think they’d make good material for stories to write. I have heard before about keeping a dream journal, and sometimes I’ll think about doing it, but I never do. Maybe one day I will.


What about you? Do you have dreams that you think would be good story material? Have you ever turned dreams into stories?