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Method Writing

An interesting way to write

Writing characters who are vastly different to ourselves is something many of us do, or at least strive to do. It’s not easy to extract one’s personality completely from the page – we can only write what we know, after all. Yes, imagination is a far-reaching avenue, but how do we make it stretch as far as it can possibly go?

I have a theory that is probably not all that unique, but I’d like to share it anyway.

When I was in high school drama class, I learned about something called the Stanislavski Method, or, Method Acting. For a full description of what it is and how it came about click here: In my own words I can tell you it’s a method of acting where the actor studies the motivations of the character and makes use of empathetic observations in order to “become” the character. Its a…

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Warning: May Contain Sarcasm

Well, I was going through e-mails before going to work this morning. There was one from Pinterest notifying me that someone had left a comment on one of my pins. Curious, I went to check it out, and was surprised by what I saw.


On this pin


was the comment: “words are for ideas…not feeling superior. if you want to be better than me, go to church.”


I stared at it for a minute, stunned. Then I thought, “Wth?! Where did that come from?!” I couldn’t figure out how the pin could generate such a comment.  Later, I thought that maybe he just didn’t get the sarcasm in the pin. Maybe he’s like Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory and just doesn’t understand sarcasm and needs a sarcasm sign.  If that’s the case, here’s a sarcasm sign for you, “Sheldon”:


I had considered replying to his comment, but decided not to. I deleted it instead, figuring I’d save him from looking like an idiot, and also not fall for an obvious attempt to start an argument. He wanted me to be better than him, so I that’s what I did.


I can’t help but wonder, though, why did he comment like he thought I’d made the pin? It’s not something I made. I found it somewhere and pinned it because I thought it was funny and I agreed with its sentiment. Did he do it because he wanted to start an argument? Probably. Was he just trolling? Possibly. Or was he just mistaken? Could be. Well, whatever it is, I’m putting it behind me after this post. I tried to forget about it after I deleted the comment, but it kept nagging at me all day, and I felt I needed to say something.


And yes, as a writer, I am a bit of a stickler about proper grammar: proper use of your and you’re; of  to, too, and two; of there, their, and they’re; of then and than; proper apostrophe use; etc. I don’t like spell check much for that reason, either. It’ll tell you if a word is spelled wrong, but not necessarily if you used the correct word. Call me a grammar Nazi if you will. I won’t cram it down your throat, though. If I see something wrong, I’ll mentally correct it after flinching, but generally won’t say anything unless asked to, so as not to offend. But if I see things like the above pin, talking about proper grammar, be it funny or helpful, I will pin it or share it on Facebook.



End rant.