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Emotions and writing – Stream of Consciousness Saturday (Emote)

Emotions help make us who we are, make us human. That is why they are important in writing. They help the reader connect with the characters. A good writer can make the reader feel what the characters are feeling, make them relate and care about the character. The trick is to convey those feelings with words. So word choice is an important tool in the author’s arsenal. That is one reason why a good author should also read a lot, not only can they learn and incorporate from other authors’  styles, but also build their vocabulary.

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Skin Game (Dresden Files)

So I just finished reading Skin Game, the newest installment in the Dresden Files series. The (probably) year-long wait for it was well worth it. The book was exciting, hard to put down, and full of Harry’s standard snarky, wise-cracking humor and pop culture references, as one would come to expect from the series (and one of the things I always look forward to). From the get-go, when Harry is asked to help one of his arch-nemesis to steal a valuable item from a vault belonging to the Lord the Underworld (yes, that Lord), the book hooks you and doesn’t disappoint. I found the lack of an appearance in the book by Thomas a little disappointing, but it was rather nice to see Michael in action again. Overall, the book was terrific, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next one. Sadly, I’ll have to wait yet again.